28 Dogs Who Just Don’t Understand Fun

They may not share our definition of fun, but they love us nonetheless. Check out these pictures of dogs who just can’t understand what we find so fascinating about swings, books, and more.

“So Halloween means that we walk around looking ridiculous and they give us candy I can’t eat? Joy.”

They barely have any pictures in them!”

“No one’s birthday is worth the humiliation of wearing this hat.”

“Selfies again? Really?”

“Honestly, I think I’d be more useful digging a hole or something rather than sitting in this tiny wheelbarrow.”

It smells terrible!”

“Bubbles are cool and all, but when’s the tennis ball coming out?”

“Aaaand I’m done.”

“I haven’t even SEEN ‘Shrek!'”

“Neeeverrrr aaagaaaiinnn!!!!”

“Are you SURE you need me to be in the holiday photos?”

“Wait, I’m just picking up dirt and putting it down again? What’s the fun in that?”

It wasn’t fun.”

“Why is this on my head? And why are you so thrilled by it?”

“I don’t care how many rubber duckies are in there; this bath stuff sucks.”

“Frolicking through flowers? I have allergies.”

“Kindly remove the ears immediately, thank you.”

The uncomfortable hats, the loud noises…”

It’s creepy and it’s itchy and I don’t want it on my head.”

The memories–and wings–plague me still.”

“It’s not even moving! This is the worst.”

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GET THIS THING OFF ME.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is actually worse than walking.”

Just leave me here, thanks.”

“Just let me nap in peace while you have your fun and I’ll be just fine, thanks.”

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