40 Most Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened

In this post we take a look at 40 Most Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened. So much cringing. So little time.

Stephen Merchant showing JGL who’s boss.


The newsreader who picked up a pack of paper instead of his iPad.


This moment between a woman and her dog.


This complicated door.


This act of musical fusion.

Flickr: walkingsf

The king of the awkward penguins.

Flickr: walkingsf

The time that society realised how important underwater cameras are.


This stealthy escape.


Awkward Nirvana.

This guy whose bad day just got quite a bit worse.

Flickr: [email protected]

This priest who misjudged his audience.

Flickr: worldresourcesinstitute

This man’s wrong turn.

Flickr: feona

The quiz show that just got a lot more interesting.

Flickr: stuseeger

These guys who should have settled for a hearty handshake.

Flickr: moje_moje

This shake that failed not once, not twice, but thrice.

Flickr: redeo

The person who fell asleep like this.


This streaker.

Flickr: keeyip

These bros.

This incident that just made cricket 5,000% more exciting.

Flickr: mcdemoura

This lonely fist pump.

Flickr: julielaurent

Arsene Wenger’s elusive pocket.

Flickr: ostrosky

Not to mention his impossible zip.

Flickr: mariovdpol

This guy who you totally didn’t see.

Flickr: greensmps

This guy who isn’t waking up for anyone.

When Luis Suarez expected his teammates to be right behind him.

Flickr: dougtone

When Jeremy Hunt MP was a massive Jeremy Hunt on live TV.

Flickr: madellinabird

This woman’s first experience with doors.

Flickr: dipthongasaurus_rex

The tennis player whose hand stayed there a little too long.

This bellyflop that was being watched by millions.

Flickr: limck

The first kiss at the wedding of two virgins.

The time Mickey Rourke’s date was less than impressed.

Flickr: pat_ong

This dolphin’s advances.

These Scottish celebrations.

When Jay snubbed Kim.

This guy who misread the situation.

This high-five stalemate.

The hockey player who isn’t as refreshed as he was hoping.

This kid who won’t be getting on a swing again anytime soon.


And, of course, Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind guy.

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