18 Dangerously Desireable Detainees

It should be illegal for these guys to be this hot!

Convicted of being “Drunk In Public” *cue Beyonce’s Drunk In Love*

Arrested on weapons charges and gang related stuff, but those baby blues are what really should be illegal.

Charged with controlled substance possession and possession of drug paraphernalia…and forcing me to run my hands through his lustrous chest hair.

Brought to jail for something called a “non-moving traffic violation” which I’m pretty sure means that he stopped traffic with dat smile.

Charge(s): Grand theft, burglary of an unoccupied structure (unarmed), and being a hotty-potatty.

I guess part of his probation said he couldn’t be the man of my dreams.

Charged with robbery, resisting arrest, and having blindingly beautiful blonde hair.

Real-life Jesse “Sexy” Pinkman got locked away for failing a drug test…but even if he failed at peeing in a vile, he for sure succeeded in winning my heart!!

Locked away for smoking marijuana…he can’t help that he’s SMOKIN HOT, Officer!

Behind bars for marijuana and probably because the cop was jealous of his PERFECT JAW LINE.

Charge: driving with a revoked license, AKA driving me mad with those cheekbones.

He stole my belt, that’s why my pants are down.

Wait, wait, wait…is this a compilation of mugshots or a casting for GQ? Hello, handsome!


Failure to appear in court, probably because he was WALKING IN NEW YORK FASHION WEEK or something legit.


Charges: Felony theft, burglary, furnishing false information to police, possession of a firearm by a felon, county hold, and possession of drugs/alcohol in a public park, and OMG clearly the cops were so jealous of his boyish good looks.

Al Pacino oozed sex appeal when he was arrested way back in 1961.

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