17 Terrible Sci-Fi Movie Plot Holes

Check out 17 Terrible Sci-Fi Movie Plot Holes. Just use the eagles!

Why didn’t Gandalf call the Eagles to fly the fellowship into Mordor?

What was Nero doing for those 25 years after he killed Kirk’s father?

Why didn’t the microwave emitter used by Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul kill everyone in Gotham city?

Where did Edward Scissorhands get all the ice to create his majestic sculptures?

How did Jeff Goldblum’s computer virus work on the alien computers?

Why was Obi Wan’s idea of “hiding” Luke Skywalker involve NOT changing his name and raising him on the same planet where his father was born?

Why don’t Marty’s parents recognize him from their past?


Don’t feed the Gremlins after midnight, except it’s ALWAYS after midnight


How did Whiplash know Tony Stark was going to be on the track?


Why wouldn’t the human race just bomb Pandora?


Why doesn’t anyone wonder about Caesar and his abilities?


Why not just train astronauts to drill on an asteriod?


Why did humans block out the sun?


Are the Autobots hippies?


How did the T-Rex get into the Jurassic Park visitor center?


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