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15 Raw Denim Facts You Should Know About

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In this post we take a look at 15 Raw Denim Facts You Should Know About. Get out your highlighter and take notes because getting the perfect pair of jeans is a long, arduous process.

Starch helps you get the sharp, dramatic creases that you want.

The reason why a new pair of raw denim jeans are so stiff is because they are highly starched. It comes off in the initial soak, so many raw denim fanaticists insist on spraying their jeans with starch. You can DIY your own in a spray bottle: 2 heaping teaspoons of corn starch to a liter of hot water.

Pay attention to the weight of the denim you’re buying.

The weight will determine how comfortable your jeans feel depending on what climate you live in. However, heavier denim will result in sharper fades.

“Selvedge” doesn’t necessarily make the jeans more durable.

“Selvedge” is one of those buzzwords that no one actually knows the true meaning of, yet it evokes a vague sense of authenticity. It simply means that the edges are sewn on old-style shuttle looms. This finish is usually the sign of a higher-end brand, but if you’re on a budget, it’s certainly not something that should make or break whether you buy a pair of jeans. It is no longer a definitive indicator of quality.

Hang the jeans to dry — don’t fold them.

Use clothespins, pants hangers, or binder clips. Don’t fold them or you’ll make extra creases.

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