13 (of course) Superstitions that Americans Actually Believe

Enjoy all 12 if you’re not too suspicious. Otherwise, just read 11.

Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck.

A broken mirror = 7 years bad luck.

A black cat crossing your path is a dark omen.

A full moon spells danger.

Blowing on a fallen eyelash grants you a wish.

A rabbit’s foot is a lucky charm.

If you pick up a penny on the street, it’s good luck if it’s heads and bad luck if it’s tails.

Walking under a ladder can be hazardous to your health (aside from the obvious risk of it falling on you).

Or at least incur some bad karma.

Spilling salt isn’t just a party foul, it’s a recipe for misfortune—unless you quickly throw some over your shoulder!

Lighting three cigarettes in a row with the same match isn’t just a bad habit—it’s bad luck too.

Keep your fingers crossed for a shot of good juju.

And last but not least…the number 13 is an UNLUCKY number!


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