20 Funny Netflix Suggestions That Make No Sense

20 Funny Netflix Suggestions That Make No Sense. Fancy a romantic film? Watch Saw.

Watched Star Trek ? Why not try Murder She Wrote ?

Twitter: @DominicVFX

Watched My Little Pony ? Why not try Torchwood ?

Twitter: @kodermike

Liked Ken Burns: The War ? Why not try…

i.imgur.com / davisfreeberg.com

You’ll love this feel-good movie.

Twitter: @kkatier

These goofy comedies as well.

Twitter: @JKBentobox

Finished The Naked Gun ? This is just as uplifting.

Twitter: @LudwigK

And if you fancy some romance…

Twitter: @Real_JRH

You could also watch.

Twitter: @GAAMRyan

And if you run out of ideas, there’s always…

Twitter: @CleoMConnolly

Finished Bruno ? The Human Centipede is like it.


Maybe try…


Nor do they have Curb Your Enthusiasm .

Twitter: @Communicraft

Or Dumb and Dumber.


You could put Breaking Bad on for the kids.

Twitter: @aaronrustad

And after American Horror Story , give this a try.

Twitter: @morgannelliott

Finished Orange Is The New Black ? Well there’s…

Twitter: @Punkyval

Finished The Nutty Professor? Well there’s…

Twitter: @Candice_Leee

Want to watch some thrilling crime? That’s right…

Twitter: @tamarastann

You’ll find this a good fit.

Twitter: @blakehawk

You’ll find this confusing.

If you liked Doctor Who? Why not try…

Twitter: @BrunoFPileggi

And remember… for when it’s late.

Twitter: @tetsell

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