Incredibly Epic Infographics That Explain Life

All of a sudden, the tough answers are easy..

Read between the lines.


We have no comment here.

Just use the men’s room.

Can confirm.

…well, yes.


Right swipe.

Sleeping is sooooo this morning.

But really, is there such a thing as too much butter?

A man’s outfit crisis has a simple solution: mining the laundry basket.

Pizza is a vegetable.

Reason Why I Hate Modern Air Travel #604.

Any number of bananas I buy is the wrong number.

…why you have to stop for meatballs.

I’m not tired, I just gave up sleeping and nutrition.

Well…yeah, ok.


Works on keyboards and phones, too.

I’ll have a Climate Change Crunch, please!

Remember, it’s about sharing.

Ever do the “reach in without removing the card” thing? Me too.

Come ON, guys.

It’s the internet’s business model.

Would you like to look at the “iPhone Tricks” comment section? Me neither.

Machines are cruel things.


They forgot “trying to shove past someone by the magazines.”


Penguins III? It’s a movie!

Press 1 for more options.

Club promoters, strangely enough, just want to be club promoters.

You all know Yung AK, right?


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