32 photos that remind us that people are basically good

At a time when the world seems filled with hatred, these photos remind us that most people are downright human

Providing a seat for the elderly when the elevator got stuck

Free flower stand

Complimentary turtle transport across the street

Free food!

Ahmad and Fatima, a young married couple who take care of each other in spite of their disabilities

Novak Djokovic inviting a ballboy to come sit with him at a tournament

Outpouring of love

A heartfelt note from a very young dog owner

A guy teaching his girl the alphabet after she lost her memory

A kid meeting his hero in the best way possible

Cops bringing cake to newlyweds after Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage was struck down

A kid getting the only birthday present she wanted

A surprise Christmas celebration

A baby being serenaded on the subway

A giant sign a son made for his mother receiving cancer treatment across the street

The saga of a man and his dog

A veteran being congratulated at a marathon

A note from Nate’s dad

A biker being chased down by a group of piglets

Grandparents still doing their thing

A good samaritan at the meter

A hard day’s work

Random acts of kindness like this one

A wish that immediately came true

A boy helping out his younger brother

Free rainbows!

Dreams coming true

A man who reads to an illiterate friend every week

Beautiful expressions of love

Students staging a sit-in

A heartbreaking story


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