1/3: The Art Project That Makes You Rethink Food

1/3 of all our food goes to waste. So, what does that mean exactly? A photographer decided to find out.

Strawberries not exactly ripe for the picking.

A chicken that shouldn’t be suspended in mid-flight.

Bananas (that won’t become banana bread).

Barbecue sausage that does not belong on the good ship Lollipop.

Beetroots that appear a bit bloody.

Blackberries left to their own devices.

Bread looking a bit green around the gills.

Carrots you can’t feed to your rabbit.

Cauliflower becomes sinister.

Cheese akin to the surface of the moon.

An apple that won’t make it into a quaint orchard photo shoot.

And apparently, maggots!

Black cherries – not exactly food for the Gods.

Cookies that can no longer be noted as treats.

Corn – for the Illuminati?????

Cupcakes that won’t make it to your office party.

Asparagus looking a bit like a tarantula.

RIP salad.

Fruit cocktail that is no longer a part of paradise.

Melon looking rather juicy.

Artichokes that now have black hearts.

Red cabbage – or alien?

Grapes that haven’t been a flight of fancy for quite some time.

Rice that is no longer your three minute dinner.

Strawberry dessert cream that isn’t “in a better place”.

Tomatoes lost to the sands of time.

Flour – with new friends!

Instant whipped cream that can no longer be sexy.


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