The Michelangelo Of Lego: 10 Fantastic Art Works

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“It got a great reaction and I enjoyed making it, so I create more sculptures. I really enjoy seeing people’s reactions to my art for the first time. Everyone has snapped a few Lego bricks together, so there is this familiarity that permits them to relate to my art on a different level.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com

“Lego bricks are a great medium for creating art because there are no limits. I believe that there is nothing I can’t build out of Lego. I had Lego bricks growing up. When I was about ten years old, I asked my parents if I could get a pet dog, and when they did not get one for me, I created a life-size dog for myself out of Lego bricks. It was an early turning point in my art career.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com

Nathan tells BuzzFeed: “Tom Friedman’s art was a huge inspiration for me when I was starting out. He reinterprets everyday household items – such as toothpicks, plastic cups and chewing gum – to construct interesting, engaging art. I use Lego toy bricks to make art, which is pretty unconventional as well. Also, I love constructing human forms in my works so I am inspired by Antony Gormley.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com

“As an artist, I wanted to elevate this simple childhood toy to a place it has never been before: into the fine art galleries and museums. I appreciate the cleanliness of the Lego brick. The right angles. The distinct lines. As so often in life, it is a matter of perspective. Up close, the shape of the brick is distinctive. But from a distance, those right angles and distinct lines change to curves. That is what drew me to the brick.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com

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