The Michelangelo Of Lego: 10 Fantastic Art Works

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View The Michelangelo Of Lego: 10 Fantastic Art Works. Nathan Sawaya is a New York-based artist who builds sculptures with everyday objects.

“I knew I wanted to pursue my creative outlets, but it was tough to make that leap. I had created a website, brickartist.com, to showcase my artwork in a virtual gallery. When my site crashed one day from too many hits, I realized it was time to leave the law firm and go play with bricks full time.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com

Nathan gave up a career in law to become a full-time artist. He says: “I worked with some great people at the law firm, but in the end, I was not satisfied creatively. At the end of a long day at the law firm, I would come home and need to find my creative outlet. Sometimes I would paint, sometimes I would write and sometimes I would sculpt.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com
He says: “I’m hoping to be the artist who inspires others now. I’m proud that millions of people around the world have seen The Art of the Brick touring Lego art exhibitions. My goal is to show kids that art is everywhere and can be made out of anything. Making art makes people happy – art is not optional, it is necessary.”
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com
Nathan has started a foundation, ArtRevolution.org , which is currently raising funds to put art supplies in kids’ hands by selling limited edition t-shirts.
Nathan Sawaya / brickartist.com

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