32 Adorable Begging Pets

How can you resist these faces?!

The begging starts out with a simple question: “Is that food?”

“Cause, you know, I really, really like food.”

If you didn’t know.”

The begging slowly turns into: “Are you going to share that?”

“Fruit is my most favorite food in the whole world.”


Some pets will immediately get up close to investigate: “Do I smell pizza?”

“They look like chocolate chip, but I must be certain.”

It’ll be quick.”

Other pets are happy to wait until you are ready to share: “That’s okay, I will sit right here!”

“You can give me the teeny, tiny fry you don’t even want.”

“Oh, I promise to sit like a good boy for Doritos.”

“Don’t forget…I love popcorn.”

“Have you heard? Cherries are my FAVORITE fruit.”

They might be waiting, but they’re freaking out internally: “I want the pizza.”

“I NEED the pizza.”

“Those wings look DELICIOUS.”


“Woah SWEET JESUS, is that cake?!”


Some animals will be a little more persistent in their quest for a bite: “Hey, you gonna eat that?”

“I can easily take that sandwich off your hands for you.”

“Hi, hey, hello, please share that with me.”

“I love you, I love you, I loooooove you.”

“I’m right here if you drop anything.”

If you’ve got multiple pets, they will tag-team you: “They can’t say no to both of us.”

“Are the eyes working?”

“Double the pressure.”


When you don’t actually share any food, you get the “Why do you hate me?” face.

“I thought you loved me…”

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“Please stop torturing me.”

“I don’t know what I did to you, but this is just cruel.”

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