15 Dogs Who Shockingly Lost Their Puppy Bowl Bets

Browse 15 Dogs Who Shockingly Lost Their Puppy Bowl Bets. These guys just weren’t cut out for betting.

“I honestly, truly, did not think Loren stood a chance.”

I’m going to miss her so much.”

“I didn’t think this bet was legally binding.”

“I bet my shoes and now I have nothing left.”

“I bet the house, I bet the whole thing.”


“Mistakes? I’ve made a few.”

“No more treats, I get no more treats for a year.”

“Look, howsabout instead of all the belly rubs I give up, I give you 1,000 kisses instead?”


“I’d rather not speak of the disappointing performance Brody put out.”

“Please, stop gloating for two seconds.”

“Please, allow me to mourn my debts in peace.”

“A perfect hiding spot is the way to avoid any bets gone wrong.”

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