15 Cats Who Demand to be Noticed

You may have thought you were the master of your cat, but when these kitties want attention, they don’t take no for an answer.

“Honestly, whatever I write is bound to be better anyway, so I think it’s my turn.”

It’s disrespectful.”

This feels pretty good.”

“What’s that you say? You’re working? Oh, yeah, not anymore.”

I’m ready for breakfast, thanks.”

“What, you want me to move just so you can look up cats you think are cuter than me? You know how much that hurts me, Stan.”

Go wash your hands somewhere else.”

“Why do laundry when gazing upon my beauty is the alternative?”

“Consider this an excuse not to exercise since I’m definitely not moving any time soon.”

Move along.”

And please, let me concentrate.”

Letting me sleep is not.”

There’s a whole new freshly cleaned bed to sleep on!”

“Why are you still sleeping? Don’t you realize I’m here being adorable in front of you?”

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